Promaster Seat Swivel Install in a DIY RV Camper Van

CTA Promaster Seat Swivels

Promaster Seat Swivel Install in a DIY RV: In order to have additional seating and usable living space for our floor plan in our DIY RV Promaster van, we opted to install Promaster seat swivels on both seats. Swivel seats are an option on the Promaster, but it is rare to find vans with that …

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RV Roof Vent Fan Install in a DIY Camper Van

One of the first modifications to our RAM Promaster van was to install a roof vent fan. These are quite common in RVs to provide ventilation and fresh air. We wanted to cut the hole in the roof to install the vent while we still had an empty shell since cutting overhead creates a lot …

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Welcome to Wandering Wakes… Greetings from the Wandering Wakes! We will be using this blog to document our RV DIY van build as well as our travels and adventures. We invite you to join us as we learn and explore. The use of ‘wandering’ in our title may confuse some, but for us, this is …

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