TruckFridge Refrigerator Installation

There are many opinions and preferences on what the best refrigerator might be for a DIY RV van. Some people like the chest style refrigerators, while others prefer an upright fridge with a standard door. For us, the more standard RV fridge with a door on the front seemed to work best with our van …

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Hot Roof Solution for our Promaster RV Van

Our DIY RV build continues on our Dodge Ram 2500 Promaster cargo van. As winter fades, spring has brought some occasional hot days to Oklahoma. The van is still mostly un-insulated. The ceiling has no insulation, and the bare metal roof gets quite hot in the sun. I decided that a detour in my build …

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Maiden Voyage in an Unfinished Camper Van

We had been planning our maiden voyage in our VERY UNFINISHED Ram Promaster High Top 2500 van for a month or so. Our plan was to travel via I-40 out as far as Santa Rosa, NM, then jog southwest to Carrizozo, NM, and pick up US 380 and then US 60 to travel along the …

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Promaster Seat Swivel Install

CTA Promaster Seat Swivels

Promaster Seat Swivel Install in a DIY RV: In order to have additional seating and usable living space for our floor plan in our DIY RV Promaster van, we opted to install Promaster seat swivels on both seats. Swivel seats are an option on the Promaster, but it is rare to find vans with that …

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DIY RV Floor Plan

DIY RV Floor Plan Promaster

DIY Promaster RV Van Floor Plan: We spent a considerable amount of time trying to determine which Promaster van floor plan would be best for our RV build out. There are many pros and cons of different layouts, and we drew and considered half a dozen floor plan designs before deciding on our final plan. …

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